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The GMS Content Calendar

The Prosperity Gathering Series

Exclusive Events
for Medical Spa Professionals

Join us for the Prosperity Gathering, monthly live events designed to bring medical spa professionals together for a unique learning and networking experience.

Events Highlights

Expert Speakers

Gain insights from top industry leaders.

Networking Opportunities

Build relationships with like-minded professionals.

Q & A

Get answers to your questions


Access resources and insights available only at the gathering.

Monthly Prosperity Mastery Gathering

August 2024

Digital Prosperity

  • Embrace digital transformation.
  • Discover how to use the latest online technologies and platforms to enhance your digital presence and gain competitive advantage.
September 2024

Prosperous Holidays

  • Design and implement medical spa holiday prosperity practices for the upcoming season.
  • Discover effective holiday promotions that will help you generate six-figure revenue during the holiday season.
October 2024

Falling into Prosperity

  • Explore seasonal opportunities for growth.
  • Identify new offerings, gain partnerships, and vendor relations or collaborations that would contribute to business prosperity.
November 2024

Prosperity Gratitude

  • Reflect on achievements and express gratitude.
  •  Acknowledge and appreciate your community with the giving and receiving philosophy.
  • Strengthen relationships with clients, employees, and the community by expressing a prosperous gratitude.
December 2024

Year-End Prosperity Review

  • Reflect on your business's achievements and challenges throughout the year.
  • Prepare for the upcoming year’s success. Forecast your prosperity for another great year. Set goals for the upcoming year and celebrate successes with the team.
January 2025

Establishing your Prosperity Foundation

  • Develop or refine annual business strategies that lead to more prosperity.
  • Assess current status.
  • Set clear objectives.
  • Define your approach, and then plan for medspa prosperity and sustainable growth.
February 2025

Fall in Love with Prosperous Marketing

  • Focus on effective marketing strategies to increase visibility and attract affluent consumers.
  • Fall in love with your target market and learn how to satisfy them via your medspa treatments and skincare products.
March 2025

Spring into Prosperity

  • Spring into a positive mindset prosperity makeover.
  • Identify and overcome limiting beliefs, paving the way for a mindset that attracts abundance and prosperity.
April 2025

Prosperous Relations

  • Enhance business efficiency and productivity with B2B relations.
  • This is a module designed to empower you with business strategies that foster collaborative excellence, driving mutual success and prosperity.
May 2025

Prosperity Culture

  • Foster a culture of innovation within the medical spa.
  • Explore new trends of building a positive culture through online platforms and team strategies to stay ahead of your competition.
June 2025

Employee Prosperity

  • Invest in your employees by offering them business development courses.
  • Offer training, career path opportunities, recognition programs, and initiatives that contribute to a prosperous work environment.
July 2025

VIP Client Prosperity

  • Strengthen client relationships and satisfaction.
  • Implement strategies to retain existing clients, attract new ones and reactivate lost ones to establish a sustainable medical spa growth.
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Frequently Asked Questions about the Global MedSpa Society.

The Global MedSpa Society is an exclusive community for medical spa professionals founded by Dori Soukup. The mission is to connect professionals globally, providing resources, support, and a platform for collaboration and innovation in medical aesthetics and wellness.
The society is open to medical spa owners, practitioners, and professionals who are passionate about advancing their knowledge and practice in the field of medical aesthetics and wellness.
Members gain access to exclusive resources, live webinars, podcasts, networking opportunities, and expert insights designed to help them succeed in the competitive field of medical aesthetics and wellness.
You can join by visiting the website and completing the membership application form. Once approved, you will receive a welcome email with further instructions on how to get started.
Yes, there is a membership fee to join the Global Medspa Society. The fee helps us maintain the high quality of resources and support we provide to members. Specific details on the cost can be found on membership page.
Members have access to a variety of resources, including industry insights, practical tools, templates, case studies, webinars, workshops, podcast, and exclusive events like the Prosperity Gathering and more.
Members have access to a variety of resources, including industry insights, practical tools, templates, case studies, webinars, workshops, podcast, and exclusive events like the Prosperity Gathering and more.
Yes, we welcome contributions from members who are experts in their field. If you’re interested in writing articles, leading webinars, participating in interviews, or providing case studies, please fill out the expert contribution application form.
Members have access to a supportive community of peers and mentors, as well as personalized assistance from our team. We are committed to helping you overcome challenges and achieve your professional goals.
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